my-healthiest-year-deactivated2 asked:

How's the pain Kelly? Any better?

Well, the Butrans patch helps wonderfully! but she had started me on the 10mcg to see if that would be strong enough and it didn’t do a thing so she told me to put on a second patch to equal the highest patch and OOOHHH sweet relief!!! I was almost completely pain free for about 3 days, then the first patch wore off. Last night I was crying in pain and to make things worse I slipped when trying to reach for some shampoo and conditioner bottles and fucked up my hip extremely bad. I haven’t cried so hard since I was a kid. I got an MRI of my hip this morning, I won’t get my results until Monday. And my doctor is referring me to a pain clinic, I don’t think she feels comfortable prescribing me my pain medication especially since it’s looking like it’s going to be for a long period of time. :( AAhhh I’m just so frustrated, tired of being in pain… I want to be able to do the things I use to do. I’ve been having a very emotional day.

Well I didn’t mean to publish this, but oh well! lol!